AWE - Academy of Women Emerging AWE - Academy of Women Emerging Academy

Our mission is to inspire, educate and equip entrepreneurial-minded women to transform and express themselves consciously as they expand their business impact and results.

Do you have an established business that you’re ready to grow and expand exponentially? Or, do you have a lot of business experience but are looking to create something new?

Do you long for a program that can support your business as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual health, all in one place?

  Do you know you need help and a systemized approach that’s customized for you and your business, not a one-size-fits-all?


Do you know that now is the time to stop supporting everyone else and invest in your own dreams?  

If so, AWE is for you!

The AWE Academy is designed specifically for the conscious entrepreneur who is ready to expand her consciousness, her business and her whole life. This 12-month program equips women business owners with not only specific, applicable, practical business skills, but new abilities and strategies to change mindset, solve problems, think differently, create value, and execute her business her way – and change the world in the process. 

 It provides a pathway to LIVE her PASSION abundantly and successfully. 

The AWE Affirmation  

I am a woman emerging, claiming my brilliance and boldly stepping forward to deliver my value, passion and genius.  

My presence is dynamic and I am an extraordinary leader committed to conscious transformation and purpose filled living.  

I experience a happy, healthy, integrated life.  

Balance and harmony are the effects of my deep dive into living.  

Financial freedom and abundance outpicture in every area of my life because I am clear that my destiny is to experience success and greatness.  

 The AWE Curriculum Model

AWE is designed to be a broad-based, expansive, comprehensive entrepreneurial business curriculum. This academy is established with specific, high-quality standards; each topic area is led by women entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. The content encompasses what you need both for your business and for yourself.

This 12-month series consists of four quarterly 3-day intensive workshops, each focused on particular topic areas. In-between each intensive workshop times, you’ll participate in group webinars as well as private coaching sessions.  

In the AWE Program, You Will Develop:

A stronger sense of personal value and self-worth so you can make and keep more money, improve overall health and vitality, and make the contribution you are here to make. 

A deeper trust, happiness and wholeness within yourself. 

A balanced inner voice, not critical or judgmental. 

More self-confidence and more effective efficiency.  

Insights and new tools for your patterns in intimate relationships.

A clear plan and strategies for your personal self and your business so you stop wasting time, energy and money.  

Key Program Elements

  • • Loving, trained support team • Powerful materials and tools • Highly experiential, interactive • Reflection / journaling time • Community and connection time • Processing time • Movement and self-care experiences • Homework / action plans • Accountability partners & small groups • Spiritual practice • Clear follow-up engagement • Communication strategies • Strong learning model 

You’ll walk out of AWE with:

  •  - A clear vision, mission and tools to support your particular business. 
  •  - Strategies that you’ll begin executing during our time together so you can test them and get feedback and advice from both your instructor experts and your peers.  
  •  - Lots of new business skills, including stronger communication, media savvy, social media, relationships, leadership, management , risk evaluation, decision-making, problem-solving, poise, presence, gravitas, financial management and analysis, and so much more… 

Isn't It About Time For You To Create the Business & the Life You Really Want?

The Academy of Women Emerging registration deadline is April 1, 2018


Weekend Intensives held at:

Hyatt House at Belmar

7310 W Alaska Drive Lakewood, CO Phone: (303) 922-2511

Special group rates available

The AWE Host Facilitators

Cynthia James Transformation Expert 

Once a working Hollywood actress, Cynthia excels as a speaker, coach, singer and multiple-award winning author of I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work, What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence. Cynthia has coached and supported thousands of people into vibrant living, including taking her workshops, What Will Set You Free and What Will Set You Free Integration, worldwide and to women in prison. Her program, Advanced Awareness Coaching offers depth, focus and results for high level business leaders.  

Cynthia has created and facilitated numerous online summits including the Venus Transit University teleseries hosting 16 Thought Leaders which reached over 8,000 listeners. She and her husband, Carl Studna, also created and co-hosted, Bridging the Gender Gap Teleseries, with the focus on developing trust and understanding between men and women in all areas of life. She has completed contributing to Carl’s latest book “The Evolution of Loving” as they continue to co-facilitate tele-seminars “Creating Conscious Coupling” and host individuals and groups in their retreat studio (The Golden Eagle Studio) in Colorado.  

Cynthia is committed to serving communities and the Extraordinary Living Project (Foundation) was selected to be a Commitment Maker by the Clinton Health Matters Initiative. The Extraordinary Living team empowers African-American women to break through the bondage of obesity and create lives of freedom based on healthy choices.  

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Jean Hendry Presence & Image Expert 

As the founder of Be Brilliant, an Executive Presence & Image consulting firm, Jean focuses on supporting women in confidently living the fullest version of themselves by recognizing and owning their unique, authentic gifts and power (both internally and externally) and presenting their Brilliant Best to the world.  

So many women lack confidence, questioning if they have what it takes to fully step into their own power and magnificence. Jean has walked that thorny path! Her own transformation evolved through many years of self-doubt, low self-esteem and “not good enough-itis” into recognizing and loving her gifts, her uniqueness and her beauty, and confidently sharing them with the world. She’d like to say she’s “slayed the lack-of-confidence dragon,” but it still occasionally rears its ugly head – and one of the things she teaches is how to put out its fire.  

Her passion is helping women escape the traps and claim the presence and power that is rightfully theirs. Jean’s deepest desire is that every woman has the confidence, the self-esteem and the tools to live into her fullest life expression. Jean speaks, teaches and coaches to share advice and perspective on how to break through self-limiting barriers in business, community and life through a positive self-image, both inside and out. She has worked with hundreds of women in leadership roles in large corporations, mid-sized businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.  

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The AWE Expert Team

IThe AWE Program is led by women who are experts in their fields and who have built entrepreneurial businesses in their topic area. 

Karen Russo Money Momentum Coach  

Karen Russo is a Money Momentum Coach for business owners, creative types, coaches, and service professionals in growth mode who are blocked by upset, overwhelm, and wasted energy about money.  

Karen is the award-winning author of The Money Keys and the creator of CFO Camp. Her clients achieve consistent results in financial breakthrough, personal healing, and major business momentum.  

Karen shares from over 25 years of success in business and personal growth.  

Click HERE to see more about Karen.  

Angela Sasseville Relationship Coach 

Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC is the founder and Executive Director of Flourish Counseling & Coaching.  

She works predominately with high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to assist them in achieving greater fulfillment, both personally and professionally. 

She specializes in helping loving but frustrated couples develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with one another. She’s the author of Families Under Financial Stress and Relationships That Not Only Last But Thrive.

Click HERE to see more about Angela.  

Liz Wendling Sales Coach

Liz Wendling is a nationally recognized business consultant, sales strategist and emotional intelligence coach. She is also the author of 4 books (and counting).  

Straightforward and practical, Liz’s innate gift is helping business owners evolve and modernize their sales approach. Liz shows people how to discover the unique business differentiators that make them stand out from their competition. What worked reasonably well a decade ago is now outdated and inadequate. There are new ways of doing business that will allow you to boost, refine, and scale your business rapidly!  

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The AWE Adjunct Instructors

IOur adjunct instructors are the best of the best in their area of expertise! You'll learn from their successes, their stories and their mistakes. 

Lisa Haas Social Media Coach 

Lisa Haas approaches social media from a practical perspective, using each network to engage your audience. The results are deeper relationships with clients, prospects and referral partners, loyalty and higher retention rates. Lisa helps her businesses find a starting point, establish goals, make recommendations, conducting planning and strategy sessions, and serves as a model and coach to make sure you and your team are engaged and engaging. 

 As a seasoned professional trainer with over 25 years of experience of teaching adults and 15 years of business development, her technique simplifies the understanding of social media uses and the tools associated.  

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Kimbirly Orr Marketing/Public Relations Coach 

Kimbirly Orr is the lead media and PR social media strategist and Founder of Knock Out Performance, a marketing & media agency based in Denver, CO. Kimbirly has over 30 years experience in marketing and business development. She is a hybrid marketing and sales expert with an impressive record of success across diverse consumer and B2B industries and companies. Kimbirly is uniquely skilled in digital marketing, media relations, event production, and publicity.  

Kimbirly is an innovative thinker who can hit the ground running and provide game changing solutions. Kimbirly is passionate about networking. She is a Social Media advocate and has been working in this space since before Twitter and Facebook were household words.

Click HERE to see more about Kimbirly.  

Sam Trenka Executive Leadership Coach

Sam is the Principal of Navigator Coaching and Consulting, a leadership development & personal success coaching and consulting firm. She works with leaders from solopreneurs to Fortune 50 companies in a variety of industries. Sam is passionate about leadership and is a seasoned executive leader, experienced entrepreneur, executive coach and master facilitator who understands what it takes to be a successful leader. She is a gifted and talented coach, committed to supporting you in discovering, acknowledging and celebrating your own unique presence. Sam is educated in many philosophies, models, techniques and tools of human and spiritual development. She engages her clients on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, is known as a trusted advisor and thrives on engaging creative thought and manifesting great outcomes.  

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